Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: A Entire Pile of Nothing Chapter Three

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: A Entire Pile of Nothing Chapter Three

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Matt’s POV:

I came out of the shower covered only by a towel. Unfortunately I had only one hand to hold it up with, so It sagged on one side to the point where I was nearly indecent. I hurried to my stall but I met the considerable bulk of Clay coming in the opposite direction. Obviously, being the smaller person, I was the one who was toppled over and left under the clothes I was previously carrying. I fell with an oof and I made no effort of getting up because I didnt want to risk losing my towel.

Sorry there, little buddy. I didnt see you, Clay said, his southern drawl somewhat strained with shock. I looked up and he was wearing only an undershirt and boxers. Without his hat he seemed a little incomplete. He fidgeted a bit and blanked out for a second before snapping out of it and offering a hand to help me up. I had some difficulty getting up while trying to keep myself decent but I successfully made it up towel and all with Clays help.

Lemme help you with those, Clay grunted as he bent over to pick up what he then realized were my boxers. My blush traveled down my neck into my chest as he cleared his throat and shyly placed them in my free hand. He too blushed, but hid it slightly by rubbing his neck awkwardly looking down slightly. For a second I had a thought about how cute he looked blushing but I quickly banished it when I realized how embarrassed he must be. I couldnt help but notice Clay following the path of my blush and maybe even a little lower while I juggled with the rest of my clothes and the hanging towel.

I turned around to pick up my shirt and as I bent down, I felt cool air hit the top of my cheeks, and, unfortunately, they were not the cheeks on my face. I quickly spun around and tried to force out a nervous laugh but instead came a sound that was between a whine and a whimper. Scuse me, he breathed a little awkwardly before walking away somewhat uncomfortably. He looked as if his jeans were a size or two too small. I was sickened with embarrassment and somewhat hurt from his sudden departure, but what could I expect? The only thought I allowed myself was, Whats done is done

I gave no more thought to it before I scurried behind my curtain and changed. Id gotten my own set of robes now and I had to say, apart from being a little dorky, they were very comfortable. They breathe enough for even the extremely hot weather. Though thankfully, it was pretty mild at the temple. With a soft sigh, I walked out of the room to finally start this very eventful morning.

By this time, Id been at the temple for not even a week, so I hadnt begun training yet. Naturally, fighting the dragons sounded so intimidating that I was almost regretting coming. Id taken a couple of years of martial arts classes, but Im sure I couldnt hold a candle to any of the elements. It seemed totally unfair, but I suppose thats how life goes. Well, well see when the time comes for me to start training. Little did I know that it would be very soon.

The next day, I was scrubbing the floors (oh boy) when I was summoned by Master Fung. Well, that is if you can call the four dragons (mainly Kimiko) dragging me bodily away from my task to the training ground. Im not sure if Id rather embarrass myself here or go back to floor duty.

The garden opened up into a training ground where multiple obstacle courses were set around a ring-like patch of dirt. From the temple, you could only see the training ground from the highest windows because all others were covered by the tall tress and bamboo in the garden. When I stepped into the ring, I was surprised to find that the dirt was well packed down, almost like stone. I figured that it was compressed from centuries of previous dragon training.

Unlike the others, I was fidgeting with discomfort and nervousness. Clay put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and I just looked up and gave him a smile. He sent one back before Master Fung appeared from the garden. Clay slipped his hand off of me and the dread hit me even harder as I realized what was happening.

Apparently, I was to start my training to today. Master Fung inclined his head as we approached and said, Ah, good morning, young dragons. Im sure you had a good sleep? Then he turned to address me directly. Matthew, you will begin your dragon training today. Im sure you will do well.

He inclined his head again and left me wondering, Wait, am I a dragon or not? I didnt get much time to think about it because I heard Master Fung call my name and motion for me to step forward. I stole a nervous glance at Kimiko before I stepped further into the center of the ring to meet Master Fung.

Matthew, today well test your proficiency by having a sparring match between you and one of the others. His words made my stomach do a mini-Titanic. I turned to assess my possible opponents and it seemed as though all prospects were grim.

Omi was very small individual, but he sure did pack a punch from what Ive seen. On top of that, he was by far the quickest fighter Ive ever seen. Even if I had the size advantage I doubt that I would be able to land a blow on him.

Raimundo was also a formidable opponent. He was slightly taller, so that took away my size advantage and I could tell from the looks of him that he was also a very agile fighter. I would hate to get hit by one of his vicious kicks.

Kimiko would be a huge problem, seeing as it was against my moral code to hit girls, and with me standing there like an idiot, she’d surely be able to do some real damage. Not to say she couldn’t even if I was fighting back.

Clay… Clay ranked on a whole different alert level. If I went up against Clay, chances were, I’d probably end up with something or some things broken. Now that I think about it, I’ll be fine so long as I don’t get Clay. I was pretty confident of my chances. Three to four of not getting annihilated was pretty good in my book.

“Matthew?” It was only then that I realized that I had been ignoring Master Fung.

“Oh, sorry, Master.” I bowed to him and he raised an eyebrow curiously.

“As I was saying,” he continued with a glance at me. “Would anyone like to volunteer to be Matt’s sparring partner?”

The only thought I could muster was, “Please, not Clay. Not Clay.” I saw Kimiko move and it looked as though she was stepping forward, but Raimundo grabbed her and Omi, pulling them back. That only left… Clay. Of course.

“Ah, Clay. Very good” Master Fung said a little dreamily. Raimundo was dying of silent laughter and had I not known any better, I would’ve thought he was having a seizure. Clay, who hadn’t really been focusing snapped to attention at the mention of his name, and walked forward.

When he reached the center of the ring, he gave me a friendly, “Howdy, partner” and a slap on the back before proceeding to Master Fung’s other side.

“Alright, young ones. I want this match clean. Do I make myself clear?” Master Fung made a point of raising his eyebrow in my direction and I could hear Omi chuckling in the background. “The first one to submit, be pinned to the ground, or be otherwise incapacitated, loses.” With that, he calmly stepped out of the ring towards the three remaining dragons. Under normal circumstances, Clay pinning me wouldn’t be such a horrible situation, but the oncoming fight filled my chest with a mixture of dread and pressure as my heart drummed in my chest.

Clay and I just stood there for a moment, and I slowly put up a fighting stance. After it became apparent that he wasn’t going to initiate the battle, I charged him and rolled to his side to literally kick his butt. However, he was too quick and was already facing me ready after blocking the blow. I continued the roll, and launched myself at his torso as soon as my feet met the ground. I speared my shoulder into his gut, but right after scoring my hit, I was tossed over his shoulder onto my back.

I quickly rolled out of the way of a stomp and did a head-spring just in time to get knocked down by a powerful roundhouse. I rolled out of the fall and came back around to meet Clay’s fighting stance. I was still a little sore from the last blow, so I waited for Clay to start this time.

Clay came at me with a one-two combo but I ducked and weaved out of the way before scoring a couple of body shots. He dipped forward to defend his torso and I wrapped my arms around his neck to deliver a few knees to his chest. His hands came between my knees (not that way you sick-os) and his chest then he wrapped his leg around mine, tripping me backwards.

On the ground, I put him in a guard and kicked him in the gut, giving me the opportunity to roll back up and out of his reach. Before he could regroup, I sprinted to his other side and had a flying kick aimed at him as soon as he got up. He sidestepped, quickly, leaving me to make a crater in the spot where he had just been. I wasn’t prepared for the backhand that came at my head. Ouch. Now I steeled myself to step up my game.

We were both panting by the time we recovered from that last confrontation. While Clay recovered, I repositioned my stance. My stance widened and I tilted my torso to face Clay. We’d see how he held up against my dragons style. I slowly exhaled with a slight hiss as I raised and lowered my arms. As they lowered, I lowered with them, making a crouching stance while I displayed my palms with my fingers tightened like a dragon’s claws.

He looked a little shocked at the sudden change, but I could tell he still wasn’t about to submit. He too shifted his stance, moving one hand to waist-level and pointing the palm of the other in my direction. His legs spread wide apart, perpendicular to the training ground floor.

The tension skyrocketed as neither of us was willing to move from our new stances. Finally, I zig-zagged in Clay’s direction. Seeing him prepare punch, I continued before narrowly twisting out of the way. I set my feet and blocked a barrage of quick jabs aimed at my face. When Clay sent a low kick to my shins, I hopped back, and planted again. The force of his kick spun him around slightly, and as he recovered, I threw my entire body into a punch. My fist hit square on his jaw. The force of his turn was only added to the damage of my blow and he was lifted off his feet slightly. I went back to my stance as he lay there.

I saw a fire light in his eyes as he finally recovered, and there were only two thoughts that I had at that moment: “Oh shit, why didn’t I just pin him?” and “I think I have a good chance of dying now.”

When Clay next stood, he was through playing around. Before I could even attempt a defense, Clay lifted his foot and yelled, “Seismic Kick!” Crap. That was the end of that. I felt the earth rumble and give underneath me and next thing I knew, a huge chunk of rock and dirt came flying at me. I struck the chunk of earth and successfully broke apart most of it, but a massive boulder came flying out of the rubble and simply took me along for the ride. The wind was knocked out of me on the initial impact and when I hit the ground I was crushed under its weight momentarily before it bounced off my chest with a hollow thump. Slowly, colors began to swirl together and I could taste and smell blood. The last thing I heard was approaching footsteps before blacking out.

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