Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide Chapter 23

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide Chapter 23

Jacks to Blame

When Kimiko had disappeared through the portal, who were the other Xiaolin monks to blame except one Jack Spicer? He was the one who had created that obnoxious gun in the first place. The gun was seemingly was yet another one of Jacks haywire inventions with no true use or purpose except to annoy people and cause problems.

Of course, Jack had won the Showdown completely by fluke, so he had taken off using his heliopad, not to mention leaving as he cackled with glee in that obnoxious way that he did. He even commented on how he was the ultimate evil having beaten Chase and Hannibal Roy Bean in a previous showdown and now the monks and Katnappe.

But it was Kimiko not Jack, Omi pushed his lips together in annoyance.

Omi Jack doesnt know that, remember? Rai shook his head.

Oh Omi sighed. How are we to explain this to Master Fung that Kimiko has disappeared?

We dont, Rai started, At least not yet. Were going to try to handle this without help first and see if we can do it on our own. Then well tell him.

Something about the Silver Lion Claws, Dojo muttered. Around the time we had to destroy them

What about it partner?

Dojo pulled out his small book and glasses. My memo says Ching & Lian-Li cute couple. It just doesnt jog my memory but it should have or so I thought

Any thing else? Omi asked.

Ahh yes. Master Dashi says that this should be a good mind jogger too too remind Lian-Li to punish me again for something I said to her though I cant remember what I said to her or who she is no it deals with Ching whos good grief who was Ching I cant remember who any of these people were,

Some mind jogger, Rai rolled his eyes. What we need is a plan of action. Of course, typically with Jack none is needed.

Jack Clay rubbed the back of his head.

See Jacks invention was involved, thus Jack is to blame for this trouble, Omi commented trying his best to seem wise about the whole situation.

Well, that makes complete sense, Dojo put his notebook and glasses back. It also makes more sense then what I wrote.

But isnt the Silber Lion Claws important? Clay asked.

Lets see it said also that the Silver Lion Claws malfunctioned on Ching I am guessing that is why they were destroyed they were too unpredictable,

Whos Ching? Omi asked.

I told you Omi, I dont rightly remember, Dojo sighed. Lets head to Jacks place and hope that we can find Kimiko.

Authors note A short chapter but I didnt want to push the length on this one.

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