Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Fatal Attractiveness Three The Stone Castle Chapter 8

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Fatal Attractiveness Three The Stone Castle Chapter 8

for all your responses on how you became hooked on Xiaolin Showdown,
it was funny! Heres mine:

sister and I were very excited about the new cartoon series Teen
Titans. We began watching it and fell in love with it. It came on at
. . .8:00, I believe. We watched until the end of the first season,
and summer rolled around. We still got up to watch the episodes, but
not as regularly. I would get up, or my sis would, and sometimes wed
get up together . . .but not often. We had seen commercials for this
strange new cartoon called Xiaolin Showdown, but thought the bald
yellow guy was weird looking. Whenever I got up to watch Teen Titans
over the summer, I usually saw the very end of this Xiaolin Showdown.
One day I was up a half hour before Teen Titans, and turned on the
television, deciding Xiaolin Showdown didnt seem that bad. I
watched an episode about my future favorite character, Raimundo,
obtaining the Sword of the Storms. I believe its called Shen Yi

. .This episode changed my life. I thought it was hilarious, and
exciting, and just so unique and fun! When my sister got up, I told
her all about it, and she admitted she had been watching more and
more of it in the morning, and liked it. So the next Saturday we got
up and watched another one. We missed a few, but were there for the
last three episodes of the first season. And, since it was re-run
summer, it rolled right into the second season of Wuya taking over
the world. And thus, we were hooked eternally to Xiaolin Showdown,
and here I am now, writing fanfics for it. Cool, huh?

enough about me, onto my story!

course! Thanks for reviewing!

King of Darkness:
your comment made me so happy! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Yes, for a
few years now Ive made the decision that I want to be an author.
Its a bit funny, since when I was little I loved to write but
never considered it as a career. During sixth grade, when I worked on
my first serious novel I decided writing would be one thing I could
do, but I also wanted to act. But when high school came around I
realized I loved to write more than anything else. Im so glad you
love my writing that much!! Thanks for the review

glad youre lovin it! XD Thanks for your review!

hairnets are required as Chase keeps his food very clean. ;D. And I
totally know what you mean! Some anime shows are SO melodramatic.
Theyre like soap operas. Lol Soon well have to call your
reviews CH. MooseTracks2020. Haha, thanks for reviewing

I searched the web for the vicodin thing, but found nothing. (sigh)
Some soap opera critic said something similar, but I doubt you were
referring to that! Lol Youve gotta give me an A for effort,
though! Yeah, but dont worry, senior year is a breeze, I even have
two AP classes. Unless you were talking about college. XD And the
wedding was very fun and very sweet! Thanks for the review!

the way, I love your name! Or your pen name, whichever. Its
pretty. XD Yeah, school can be crazy! My cousin had a very happy
wedding, thank you! And thanks for your review!

familys pretty dysfunctional too, in the funny way! I think thats
what makes the ninja turtles appealing, because there family is
incredibly dysfunctional! And Ill have to find the Abridged
it sounds funny! However, if its on YouTube Ill have to do it
when I have a lot of time. YouTube on my sucky computer takes
forever. DX Thanks for the review!

over fifty reviews!!

I dont own Xiaolin Showdown or the title, blah blah blah

T for the violence that isnt present in this chapter


had gone off again, seemingly depressed.

was so happy that Raimundo had gotten away. She hoped Omi was safe
and had found some way out of the Yin Yang World.

kept her hands on the backside of two bars, where Clay couldnt
see. With her element, she was scorching the rock. She couldnt
destroy it, but it was becoming more and more flexible.

would heat it up a lot faster, but she didnt have a plan for when
she got out. Demand Clay escort her to the earth? Unlikely. Jump out
of the castle? Yeah, right.

weighed her options, burning the rock.


morning, after a quick breakfast, Omi, Raimundo, Dojo, Chase, and
Master Monk Guan stood in Chases throne room. The monks were
cleaned up and rested.

want to help you, Chase said. Not just to get Kimiko back but
to stop Clay forever. Because, as you know by now, just crushing his
plan will not stop him. I and Master Monk Guan have pledged our

you, Raimundo said.

grinned. Hope you dont mind, but we looked through your shen
gong wu and have formed a plan. Would you like to hear it?


will approach the castle from the ground, Chase said. Master
Monk Guan and I will cover you two so you can get inside. Free
Kimiko. And, weve come up with a plan to stop Clay for good.

and Omi exchanged glances.

wont kill him, Rai said. He may have turned against us, but
. . .I cant.

neither, Omi nodded.

worry, you will not have to, Chase said. One of you will use
the Sun Chi Lantern, directing its beam only to Clay. The other will
capture his chi from the lantern into something I specially designed
myself. He held up a puzzle box. It will work, dont worry.
Then, you will send the puzzle box through a portal using the Golden
Tiger Claws.

frowned. But, we do not have the Golden Tiger Claws.

Monk Guan smiled. I checked the vault when I came to the temple,
and dug them out.

smiled widely. Thats a brilliant plan! Why didnt we think of

looked at him. Because we did not have a specially designed puzzle
box or the Golden Tiger Claws.

Dojo said, right.

will battle the army, Chase told them, so that you may focus on
Kimiko and Clay.

rock dudes, Raimundo said, they can rebuild themselves. But if
you shatter them up high, or in the water, then they cant rebuild
themselves until theyre on solid ground.


Master Monk Guan said, you do realize what youre about to do?
By taking Clays chi, at least his elemental chi, he will no longer
be the Dragon of the Earth. No power whatsoever.

was a stretched silence as the two monks stared at the marble floor.

looked up. I understand. Its the only way to stop him.

nodded. We must.

grinned. Lets go.

know this was REALLY short, but its the calm before the storm.
Oooooo. XD Theres only two chapters left, so this fanfic will be
ten chapters total. The next will be the climax, and the last will
wrap things up. To make up for the shortness of this one, the next
will be longer than any have been! (appropriately so, since I believe
this one was shorter than any have been . . .)

from the Psychology Corner:
isnt helpful, but its really cool. When you sleep at night,
your body goes through stages. Stage 1 is drowsing, basically, Stage
2 is a bit deeper, Stage 3 is actual sleep, Stage 4 your body heals
itself, and then theres REM sleep. REM sleep is where you dream.
You can dream in other stages, but its not scientifically
called a dream. When you dream (which is incredibly healthy for your
brain, you couldnt function without it), the Motor Cortex in your
brain (which is the strip of your head where headbands usually go),
is active. Seriously, it sends signals as if you really are moving
your arm or running, etc. But, you dont move, because when you
enter REM sleep, your brain sends out a chemical that paralyzes you
from the neck down, so you cant move. Crazy, huh? Thats why if
you ever wake up and temporarily cant move, the chemical is still
wearing off. Thought Id share that!

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