Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Therapy Chapter 1

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Therapy Chapter 1


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sothis storys kind of random, so I dedicate it to Destiney Hope
who writes random stories as well.

Simbai set up office in Genesis stadium; she had decided that two
jobs (healer for the snow kids and member of the flux society) were
not enough so she decided to become a therapist. Shed read about
therapy work, it seemed easy enoughright?

she sat in her office and waited for her first client to come in.
After about half an hour her first patient came in: it was Djok.
He sat down unsurely in front of her.

he said smiling a little.

why are you here? she asked in a soothing tone.

sent me here, I dont really know why he said shuffling his feet

see, so lets talk just generally to get to the bottom of it all.
So how was your childhood? she said grasping at straws.

had a perfectly normal childhood, with Maya- shes a fortune teller
but I never had my fortune told, but I still knew that I had an
incredible destiny he said with a hint of arrogance in his

your foster mother, right? Simbai asked knowing full well that she
was DJoks foster mother.

and? Mayas been a real mother to me! he protested.

calm down, Ill look through Aarchs notes on you, to see whether
that gives me any clues as to what you need to talk about, she
rummaged through some papers before she found the answer it says
hes worried about your ego.

ego? My egos fine!

thinks your ego might be getting a bit…inflated she said.

dont worry it isnt, I am after all the greatest player in the
Galaxy, much better than Sinedd. Thanks Simbai, I feel much better
now, my self esteems back to normal he said whilst leaving the

buried her head in her hands, that had not gone well; hopefully the
next person would be a bit easier to counsel. But she knew her hope
was in vain when Artegor Nexus dramatically entered the room and
without saying anything sat down dramatically in front of her.

Artegor, why are you here? she asked a little nervously, Artegor
could be a bit psycho sometimes.

Aarch once said to me that if I went to see a therapist the therapist
would kick me out because Im a helpless case, so Im here to
prove him wrong Artegor said looking very serious.

then so Artegor, why do you always wear sunglasses even where there
isnt any sun? she asked- this therapy stuff gave her an excuse
to ask the questions she had always wanted to know the answers to.

back when we were friends Aarch gave them to me for my birthday and I
wear them now to remind me how he betrayed methe dark lenses
remind me of hate and how I see him with hatred for his
betrayaland- Dame Simbai cut him off saying

basically you wear them because they were a present from Aarch?

Artegor trailed off. There wasnt much more to say on the subject
so Simbai decided to change the topic:

are your hobbies?

Aarch, humiliating Aarch, trying to get Aarch to apologise for
letting me down all those years ago.

you think you are a little bit too much obsessed with Aarch? s

do you mean obsessed? I barely give Aarch a second thought he
said, quite unconvincingly.

then. So hows your love life? she asked on a whim.

was fine, before Aarch betrayed me he said bitterly.

looks like Aarch was right, you ARE hopeless, just go away and stalk
Aarch or something she said in exasperation.

yelped in protest at this but none the less went to stalk Aarch.

she heard the door open, she waited nervously, hoping it wasnt
another helpless case.

Sinedd walked in, she knew this wasnt going to be easy.

why are you here? she said struggling to keep her tone cheery.

apparently according to the GF rules when a player quickly changes
teams a therapist is required to make sure the player is of a sound
mind before making a decision, or at least thats what Aarch said,
so hes making me come to see you for a therapy session he said
with a sneer.

so Sinedd do you have any problems? Simbai said encouragingly.

I do, Artegor!

Please elaborate she said raising her eyebrows.

so obsessed with Aarch! I mean he constantly gives us lectures about
how we have to defeat Aarch, he has an Aarch shrine supposedly
so he can throw darts a lots of pictures of Aarch, his ringtone is a
remix of him saying dont let me down Aarch, its very
tedious! from Simbais recent experience with Artegor she could
easily believe that what Sinedd said was true, but seeing as Sinedd
had brought ringtones up she decided to ask:

whats your ringtone?

ringtone is me saying Im better than you Djok, Im better
than you! set to a techno beat, after all I am better than Djok
he said smirking arrogantly.

so you dont think you might be obsessed with Djok? After all
you do talk about him in the same way in which Artegor talks about
Aarch she said before she could stop herself.

thats not true..anyway can we talk about the fact that my
parents died in a war now he said putting on his best sympathy
gaining look in order to change the subject.

okay, so do you remember the day when they died? she said feeling
sorry for Sinedd.

course I do! It was very traumatic! And I had to go and live in an
orphanage and all the older kids picked on me and then I was put on
substitute in snow kids, and then the shadows lost the final. Not to
mention Djok bullied me at school for being an orphan and.
He trailed off Can I go now? I got all my issues out. He then
skulked out of the room without waiting for an answer.

was beginning to think that being a therapist wasnt such a good
idea. She wondered who would come in next.

didnt have to wonder long, after ten minutes Thran popped his head
through the door and said Err can I come in? She gestured that
he could and he sat down in front of her.

why are you here? she asked, although she suspected whose name
would come up.

I wanted to ask Aarch a question but he was too busy so he said any
queries could be directed at you. So what I wanted to ask was, in the
Academy I found a shed with some spare parts for machines and I was
wondering whether I could use them to try and make some new training
machines? he said his eyes shining at the thought of a new

ask Clamp, he should know she said thinking how ridiculous it was
that he would ask her such a question.

Simbai! Thran said leaving the room cheerfully.

next person to come in was Ahito.

what do you want to talk to me about? Simbai asked wearily.

Aarch told be that you could help me with my problems, my problem is
that I keep falling asleep all the time he said seriously.

Im already helping you with that, remember we have an appointment
tomorrow? she said exasperated.

yeah, I forgot about that! he said smiling Ill talk to you
tomorrow then.

entered the room, but Dame Simbai was having none of it Thats
it I quit! she said barging out of the door where she became
horrified at the long line of people waiting outside her door. She
marched up to Aarchs office pushing Artegor (who was spying on
Aarch through the window) out of the way.

whats with you sending all these people to me for therapy? she
asked hands on hips.

and I had a bet to see whether you could loose your temper because
you are always so calm…I had a lot of money on it that you could
so.you can forgive me though right?

didnt answer the question, she just stormed out of the room.

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