Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Dragon of the Starlets – Chapter 1

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Dragon of the Starlets – Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

History and the present.

*1500 years ago*

“Daaaashi! Guaaaaan! Have you guys seen Chase anywhere?” called Hikari, finding her adopted brother and friend drinking tea. The white haired girl sighed, why did guys drink so much tea?

“No, we have not,” said Dashi, setting down his cup. “He went into the forest awhile ago.” Guan nodded.

“Fine,” moaned the young female Dragon, ” I’ll see you guys in a bit. Come on Shinwa!” A black female dragon, with pink eyes, slithered up her robes, only to hang around her neck.

She walked away from the two young men and went to look for her best/boy friend, Chase Young, in the woods surrounding the Xiaolin Temple, where she had grown up.

“Chase? Chase?” she called while Shinwa, her Dragon, sensed for him.

“I can’t sense him anywhere.” finally said the black dragon, confusion all over her face. The 16 year old sighed, and kept walking. Until she stumbled upon a dealing.

Chase was talking to a small bean shaped thing, that talked. Hannibal Roy Bean.

Hikari hid behind a large tree, and watched the dealing happen. Chase held a sealed container-which had a dragon seal on top. Hikari knew exactly what it was.

Shinwa’s eyes widened as the young Dragon boy opened the seal. “Hikari! Stop him before he drinks it.” she whispered fiercely. “It’s-“

“Lao Mang Long soup..!” Hikari whimpered. What the hell was he thinking? Chase brought the open container to his lips. “Chase, Don’t!” she cried, but he drank deeply from it.

Hikari bolted from her hiding place, back to the Temple, and Hannibal Bean watched her go. That would be a problem.

“Dashi, Guan!” she yelled, the monks getting out of her way. Both guys came toward her and she gripped tightly to her adopted brother, weeping, yet able to explain what she had seen.

This was shocking to the two, but they knew what was next.

“He’ll probably use Chase to come after you Hikari,” said Dashi,and Guan continued.

“Having both him and you, the Dragon of the Stars, he could easily control the world without any problem. 10,000 years of darkness.”

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion, and Dojo came slithering in. “Hurry! Hannibal and this…creature are attcking the temple!”

“This is bad,” said Dashi and he grabbed Hikari and Dojo and ran to the Wu Vault. “We need to get Hikari out of here.”

Hikari was confused. “Why do I have to leave? I can stay here and help fight them off.” she said, purple eyes determined.

“No, by using Chase he can get to you, he’ll have known about you two being together.” said Guan, and they entered the Wu Vault to take out three of Wu.

“But, what if I can change Chase back?” she questioned, as another explosion was heard, and felt. Suddenly, a figure rushed into the doorway.

“Hannibal Bean!” yelled Dashi and sped toward the bean, until something, or one, hit him back. It’s topaz eyes made her freeze.

“Hikari, grab the Wu and go!” shouted Guan, and hit the thing back with his staff, knocking Hikari out of her trance. She went down the vault and grabbed the three Wu. Making her way back up, she saw both Dashi and Guan fly over the opening.

“Dashi! Guan!” she called and a hand reached down and jerked her up. Up in the air, she aimed a kick at the person’s head, almost making contact. A hand grasped her foot and her eyes locked with the two topaz.

“C-chase,” she whispered, and her eyes suddenly hardened. “Chase let me go NOW!” she yelled.

“Sweet Hikari, my light,” cooed the now Heylin Dragon. Hikari flinched at the pet nickname. It sounded so wrong. “Hkari, join us. Hannibal can give you power, like me and we can be together forever, no matter what. We won’t have to worry about anything. ” His voice was like honey.

“No!” she shouted and broke free. This felt so wrong, this wasn’t her Chase anymore. “Leave me alone, I won’t be drawn so easily to the Heylin side for power.” Hypnotic eyes looked hurt. “You’re corrupted now, all because of power.” She hissed and ran away. Outside, Shinwa and Dojo waited.

“OK, you to need to leave, we’ll contact you one way of another.” said Dojo, as Hikari climbed on Shinwa’s back.

“‘K, bye Dojo.” Said Hikari, just as Dashi and Guan jumped from a window, holding down a struggling Chase.

“Good-bye, Chase,” cried the young girl, as the black dragon flew away and she could hear his calls and screams for her to come back, telling her he loved her. Tears fell as the dragon flew to a safer location.

*Present day; 1500 years later*

I woke up from my reoccuring dream.

“Goddammit!’ I cursed hitting my head particulary hard on the tree I had taken refuge under. The braches were low to the earth and had sheilded me and Shinwa from the rain. I loved weeping willows. Something poked my head and I opened my eyes.

“Nightmare again?” asked Shinwa, and I nodded, sitting up all the way. She wrapped herself around my neck and looked at me caringly(sp?) with pink eyes.

“Stupid memory from 1500 years ago,” I hissed standing up all the way. I looked at the midmorning sun. “‘Bout 10:00am already? Why’d you make me sleep so late?” I asked, and she shrugged.

“Going back to the temple after all these years, it’ll be hectic.” said my dragon and I sighed. It’ll be another 8 hours before we would get there.

“Well, let’s get on it!” I said excitedly, grabbing my messager bag. Shinwa slid off my neck and grew 10x her size and I climbed on. “Let’s go back, to where my ancestor was trained.”

Forgt to mention folks, I am the desendent of the first Hikari, 1500 years ago. Cool, huh.

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