Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Glide Chapter 13

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Glide Chapter 13

Master Dashi

Chase was finding himself being dragged into the house, but he didnt fight the older boy. He was a little upset about what Lian-Li had told him that she was from the future. This depressed him as he realized that the whole point of her seeking out Master Dashi was so that she could go home to her own time. Fact was too that he was probably, with those cursed Silver Lion Claws the reason she had ended up coming to her past.

Toa growled at the boy, who hung limply in his arms. What did you think you were trying to do? Boys dont kiss boys you moron!

Or are you that nave that you dont realize that boys are supposed to kiss girls, Doan laughed. Chase blinked a couple of times, realizing that they still didnt know that Lian-Li was actually a girl, not a boy. He struggled to get out of their grips, knowing that this wasnt good.

Sheesh I knew that you were weird and didnt know about something in the world the boy said. He suddenly tossed Chase to the floor. He went and got his pack and began to rifle through it. If you really want to be a girl

Chase suddenly tried to run off, but Doan grabbed him.


Kimiko hurried along the path and soon saw a familiar face, that of Dojo. Master Dashi! Dojo! M Gaun!

Hello child, the man said, bowing to her.

Kimiko did the same. It is nice to meat you there is a small problem back at the I am not sure what you would call it.

You arent a boy are you? Master Dashi said, suddenly startling Kimiko. Youre also not from this time period.

Kimiko turned pale. How did you know?

Your dialect of our language is, how to put it, not one that has yet come to be, the man said. You also have a very feminine tone to your voice, so that was a lucky guess and if you had been a boy, you would have been able to approach me without the nice old ladies help, I am now guessing.

Well Kimiko commented. Ching found out that I was a girl, and he did something that well, he

Ching, Gaun laughed. I see Tao and Doan have not stopped calling Chase by his pet name.

Kimiko suddenly paled. Chase! As in Chase Young!

You seem upset little Dragon, Master Dashi said.

Yeah how did she know the boys name and what exactly did Chase do he the kind that would be a young gentleman with girls, Dojo said.

He he Kimiko stammered out.

Well, what did he do, Gaun asked.

He kissed me, Kimiko commented, causing the one who would become Master Monk Gaun. Her face was turning red. Of all the people who had to have my first kiss, it had to be that

She stopped, looking at the ground. If she told them that Chase had turned to the dark side, she would run the possibility of changing the future, like Omi had accidently done and had to change back and this time it wouldnt be changed as easily. In fact, it would be much harder to change it back.

There was also the fact that though Chase was a dirt bag in the future, but he was a nice person now and until he did change. And he was also very much respected by those who knew him, so to call him a dirt bag in front of the others was not a good thing to do, even when he did steal her first kiss. She was majorly ticked off with him.

Hold on, Gaun was not quite believing her. Chase kissed you? Where did he get that idea from?

Tao and Doan, Kimiko commented. They happened to see it and they think that Im actually a boy when Im not. They were not very happy with them.

Gaun glanced at Master Dashi. Did you think this would happen?

Dont panic child, Chase will be fine, Dashi said, touching his shoulder. Though I have to admit I didnt think that our guest would be who she is, nor did I think that things would turn out the way that they did come, lets get back to the house.

Gaun hurried after Master Dashi who had Dojo on his shoulder. Kimiko followed close behind them. They could hear Chase yelling what Kimiko knew to be Japanese profanities, plus a few Chinese ones too. She muttered under her breath about him actually being a gentleman and Gaun shook his head.

Why do I get the feeling that I dont want to know what those two are doing to him, Gaun said.

Because they are probably doing something really dumb to him, Dojo commented shaking his head. They walked into the household that they had put up as their makeshift home and Kimikos jaw dropped. She defiantly couldnt believe the site she saw. She also couldnt help pulling out her camera and snapping a photo with it.

The three boys blinked as they saw the flash go off. Tao and Doan looked dumb founded and were staring straight at master Dashi. Chase however was quite livid, as he should be. The two other boys had removed his monk robes and dressed him in female clothing from the time period, or had attempted to, along with makeup.

The first thing out of Dashis mouth was, Where did you get the clothing Tao?

How did you know it was me who had the clothing? Tao muttered.

Because, I know you to well, Dashi said.

They were for my sister, Tao muttered under his breath.

All we did was dress him as a girl, Doan muttered under his breath.

Toas exact words were, Chase growled. If you really want to be a girl, we can easily take care of that.

He blinked as Kimiko took another picture of him, though he hadnt a clue what the device was. Dojo went and perched on Chases head. I think the colors good on you.

What a Dojo! Kimiko laughed. She saw the boy turn red in the face, realizing that she was actually laughing at what Tao and Doan had done with him.

Now, why would Tao say something like that? Master Dashi asked.

No reason, both of the two culprits said. However, Chase glanced at Kimiko and his face turned red.

I heard from our friend here what happened, Master Dashi said.

So then you know that Ching kissed a boy? Tao commented. Hes a crazy little freak!

All I can say, Gaun started. That Chase isnt the only one crossed dressed.

What Dojos not dressing like a girl for the damsel in distress, Doan commented.

Tao glared at the floor then it clicked. His head shot up in shock. Lian-Li isnt a boy, shes a girl.

Hold on please tell me that Ching didnt kiss a girl thinking she was a guy! Doan said, suddenly laughing. Hows that for a laugh.

He figured out I was a girl, Kimiko stated glaring at the Dagon of Water, shutting him up.

Tao suddenly placed a hand on Chases head. You mean to say baby Ching has taken to liking a girl and I got to embarrass him in front of her?

At that, Chase stormed off, knocking Tao off his feet a bit. He began to tear the girls clothing off. They heard the door slam to one of the rooms and the boy began to let his frustration and anger out in major frustration, screaming at the top of his lungs. Gaun shook his head. It will be awhile until he calms down.

As for you two I am going to seriously think of a punishment for you and if I find you blabbing that Lian-Li is actually a girl, I will think of major punishments for you. Now to your rooms until supper is ready. I need to speak with our friend here. Dojo Gaun could you please try to calm down Chase.

The three older boys bowed and hurried off. Dashi then turned to Kimiko. I am now going to need you to tell me what you can so I can help you. I also think you were going to say something not so nice about Chase and it didnt have to do with the kiss.

Kimiko let out a gulp.

Authors note Yup it was about breaking China dishes! I had a reason for giving it that odd name. Interesting that someone asked if Tao and Doan would figure out she was a girl and whether or not Kimiko would figure out that Ching is really Chase the chapter before I planned to reveal the answer! :)

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