Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Dragon of Darkness So Cliche Chapter 16

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Dragon of Darkness So Cliche Chapter 16

The final three days of
my time with Chase went similarly, and he continued to help me with
both my physical and my magical training. By the end of the week, I
was proud to say that I had much more control over both my body and
my Heylin powers.

So there I stood,
suitcase in hand in front of Chase just before my departure.

“Thank you,”
I told him. “I know you probably didn’t do this for me, anyway,
but for yourself somehow, but thank you.”

“You are welcome,”
he said. “You realize that the moment you leave here you are my

“I thought I was
the whole time,” I said, smiling for no good reason. Then my
smile faded. “Yet somehow, I…”

Chase looked at me
curiously. “Yes?” he coaxed.

“I trust you,”
I realized, fully aware of how absurd I sounded.

He looked a little
upset behind the mask of hiding his emotions. “In that case,
there’s something you need to know,” he said. “The other
monks have witnessed my true form, yet you have not.” In a flash
of light, his body shifted into that of a giant, dragon-like lizard.

“Okay,” I
said in shock, “That I wasn’t expecting.”

He returned to his
human form. “Consider that before you decide to trust anyone.”

My expression was one
of masked confusion as I turned to leave. “Don’t think I don’t
realize why you offered to train me. I know you think I’ll turn

“I do not yet know
where your loyalty shall fall,” he answered. “Everyone
should carefully observe which way their heart draws them, and then
choose that way with all their strength.”

I looked down at the
ground, still back to Chase. “My heart does not draw me to you,”
was my lie as I left.

I walked for hours
before I came across a brilliant idea. Chase had been right- I had a
flying dragon at my disposal. What was I doing walking?

Pulling my piece of
crap cell phone out of my suitcase, I prayed that it would get
reception out where I was… wherever I was. I called Kimiko.

“Hathor?” she
asked, apparently having recognized my number on her caller I.D.
“What’s up?”

“I was wondering
if I could borrow Dojo to get me back to the Temple,” I asked
somewhat timidly, hoping that I was not interrupting a Showdown for a
new Wu or something. As a matter of fact, since I’d been hidden away
in Chase’s citadel, I’d had no idea what was happening in the outside

“Sure thing,”
Kim said nonchalantly. “Where are you?”

“That’d be a good
question…” I started, “to which I have no idea what the
answer is. I’m pretty sure I’m pretty close to the Temple, heading…
East, maybe?”

“Just stay where
you are, then, and we’ll send Dojo out to look for you,” she
said. “See you in a few hours, girl!”

“Thanks, Kim,

I waited three hours
for Dojo to find me. However, killing the time wasn’t so hard,
considering Chase had gotten me fairly accustomed to waiting
endlessly in unfamiliar fields.

“There you are,
Hathor!” Dojo called to me from fifteen feet in the air just a
second before he landed beside me and I climbed onto his back. “I’ve
been looking everywhere for you! You really need a compass; you’re
going south, not east.”

I cringed. “I told
Kim I had no idea where I was, so you can’t really blame me…?

Dojo just laughed as
began flying me back to the Temple. We were about halfway there when
Dojo shivered slightly, so slightly in fact that I barely noticed it.

“Are you okay,
Dojo?” I asked with concern for my reptilian friend.

“A new Wu just
revealed itself,” Dojo said, looking confused. “I think…
I’m not picking up a very strong signal, which is weird, because it
feels like we’re close. It must be a pretty un-well-known Wu for me
to barely even pick up on it.”

Meanwhile, I had
started scaling the ground for the Wu as soon as Dojo had revealed
that the Wu was nearby.

“There it is!”
I said, spotting something glistening among the trees of the forest
we were flying over.

Dojo landed carefully
in the small space between the trees, and I jumped off his back,
running toward the Wu. It was lying by the roots of a pine tree, and
from what I could tell, it was very small and was colored black and

I was only ten feet
away from the Wu when I noticed the strange sensation that was
running through my body. I had become accustomed to it over the week
I was with Chase, but now that I’d left him, the strange sensation
had left. Now it was back; I was sensing Chase’s presence, courtesy
of the tiny portion of his magic in me.

I stopped. “I know
you’re here, Chase,” I sighed. He stepped out of the shadows of
the canopy of trees, and I added, “When I left, I kind of
thought that it meant I wouldn’t see you again for at least a few
days. What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t really
think I would let you get the Demon Twister Shen Gong Wu without a
fight, did you?” he asked me. “Did you think your training
was for nothing?”

“Oh, is that was
the Shen Gong Wu is called? The ‘Demon Twister?’ That doesn’t sound
scary or anything,” I said, mostly talking to myself.

I stood opposite of
Chase for a few moments before he spoke. “You do realize you are
going to have to attack me first,” he said. “I can stand
here all day.”

I smirked in amusement.
“And I can’t?”

“True,” he
admitted, and commenced in making the first attack. He kicked out at
my head and I just barely ducked in time to avoid the collision.
However, I didn’t move quite fast enough, because Chase managed to
grab me by the back of the neck and throw me into a tree. The harsh
impact made my head pound, but I was determined to get the Wu. I was
fully aware of the fact that Chase had no desire for any Shen Gong Wu
at all, let alone this one; he was just reminding me that we were in
fact enemies again.

I saw him about to pick
up the Wu, and I did the first thing that came into my brain. I
literally flung myself at him, and the crash sent us both tumbling.
For a split second, I was on top of him, but that fact didn’t really
register in my mind until later. Instantly hurling myself at the Wu,
I claimed the Demon Twister as mine.

Pleased with myself, I
began to think clearly, reviewing in my mind what had just taken
place. I had beaten Chase Young. That was positively absurd;
something weird had happened.

Meanwhile, Chase was on
his feet, watching me. “Very good,” he congratulated me.
“The Shen Gong Wu is yours.”

“I don’t need you
to tell me that,” I told him, with an air of pride in my voice
in spite of my better judgment.

“Don’t get too
cocky,” he told me with a masked expression, and I wondered why
he wasn’t wearing a smirk, as I would have expected. “It could
come back to hurt you; I assure you, you will not defeat me next
time.” With that somewhat ominous statement, he disappeared back
into the shadows of the forest.

“Way to go,
Hathor!” Dojo cheered me. It was only as he spoke that I
recalled his presence.

“Thanks, Dojo,”
I said, smiling at him. “Now let’s go get this safely into the
vault before Spicer shows up!”

“Can do,” he
agreed, as I jumped on his back again and we continued our flight to
the Xiaolin Temple and our friends.

When we arrived, I
found my friends waiting to welcome me with open arms. I was
immediately attacked with a group hug.

“We’ve miss you so
much!” Kim assured me.

“And have you
missed a lot!” Rai told me.

“Really? Well in
that case, start explaining and then I’ll tell you what I got,”
I told them, referring to the Demon Twister Wu. After all, I
certainly wasn’t going to tell my friends about where I’d really been
the last week. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. Hopefully…

“Well, you know
how a couple days after you left, it got really, really cold for no
apparent reason?” Kim asked as we all walked inside and took
seats around the table.

“Sure,” I
lied. In truth, I’d been in Chase’s citadel by then, and I’d had no
idea what was going on outside, so I hadn’t noticed at thing, but
they didn’t need to know that. “So that was your fault?”

Jack’s,” Kim told me.

“Why does that not
surprise me?”

Rai and the others
laughed. “Jack dropped the Heart of Jong into the snow, and
accidently created an evil snowman.”

“An evil snowman?”
I asked incredulously. “Are you serious? Why couldn’t you just
melt it?”

“We tried,”
Omi snapped defensively, “but it kept re-freezing itself.”

“Okay, sorry,
jeez, I didn’t know!” I said.

“Anyway,” Kim
continued with her explanation. “The snowman got the Lunar
Locket Shen Gong Wu, which allows you to control the moon. He forced
a Lunar Eclipse, and… Well… he kinda plunged the world into
eternal wintry darkness.”

“Great!” I
said sarcastically. “I’m glad you guys beat him, I hate the

“Me, too,”
Clay said. “When you grow up in Texas, cold isn’t exactly
something you get used to.”

“Well, after
that,” Rai told me, “Mala Mala Jong, a monster made
entirely of Shen Gong Wu formed, and we had to kick his butt. Then we
went to Texas, where we ran into Clay’s sister, who proceeded to kick
our butts.”

“But then we
escaped and she turned over a new leaf!” Omi said joyously. I
smiled at his youthful innocence. It was so cute; kinda tragic, but
still cute.

“Yeah, and then we
ended up finding this evil mermaid,” Kim said grumpily, as if
reopening a wound.

“So that’s what I
missed, then? Snowmen and mermaids?” I mocked jovially.

“Trust me, Hathor,
you would’ve hated this girl,” Kim assured me. “She was
such a total flirt. Too bad for her that she was actually a huge,
ugly monster!”

“Beauty is only
skin deep,” I said wisely, and then laughed. “Kinda gives
it a whole new twist, doesn’t it?”

“Four days ago, we
went to Japan, where we found out that Pandabubba had tricked my dad
into becoming business partners,” Kimiko told me. “Then he
used another Wu called the Zing Zom-Bone to turn my dad and his
employees into Zombies. I beat Pandabubba.”

“The next day
Master Fung told us that we couldn’t use the Shen Gong Wu for three
days,” Clay said.

“Of course,
Raimundo was so foolish as to do so anyway and almost lost his mind
to Wuya for eternity,” Omi revealed.

“Hey, it wasn’t my
fault!” Rai protested angrily. “My hometown was almost
barbequed by a volcano! You can’t blame me for saving it! It was not
my fault! Besides, I beat Wuya. Quit trying to make me look bad!”

“You two are such
children,” I told them, shaking my head. “Anyway, is it
safe to use the Wu now?”

“Yeah, it is,”
Dojo answered my inquiry.

“Why?” Kimiko

“Take a look,”
I said, showing them the Demon Twister, which was a silver ring with
a large, square onyx embedded into it.

“Where did you get
that?” Omi asked excitedly.

“It revealed
itself while Dojo and I were headed here,” I said.

“Yeah,” Dojo
agreed, “and Hathor kicked Chase Young’s butt in order to get

“You did?”
Omi asked in a kind of shocked fury. “But you are a girl! How
could you defeat Chase Young?”

I chose not to pick a
fight this time. Instead, I just shrugged. “I think I just got
lucky,” I answered honestly. “Besides, it’s not like Chase
is really after Shen Gong Wu anyway.”

“Good point,”
Raimundo admitted.

“But you beat
Chase, Hathor? That’s amazing!” Kimiko cheered. “We may
have a chance for defeating evil way sooner than we thought!”
Omi was jealous beyond belief.

Later that day, my
friends and I had jumped right back into training; Clay was teaching
the rest of us to ride horses. It took quite a long time for me just
to be comfortable with Clay leading the horse beside me, but in a few
days, I could go pretty well on one horse, a black one named Jupiter.
He was the only horse that seemed to like me; the others all shied
away from me, and I was suspicious that it might have had something
to do with Chase’s magic in me. In any case, Clay often rode Jupiter
with me, so he was generally in control.

So, it was a bright
Thursday morning when Clay, Kimiko, Raimundo, Omi, and I went riding
on our horses. Master Fung had called this part of our training
“learning that even the slightest action can either help us or
endanger us, or those around us.”

“One must always
be alert to themselves and their surroundings,” he had said.

As we rode, Clay,
Kimiko, and Raimundo, and I would jump over the bushes and logs. I
was reasonably apprehensive of making the jumps, but with Clay riding
in front of me, controlling Jupiter, I knew I was safe as long as I
didn’t fall off.

Meanwhile, Omi had
quite a stubborn horse to work with. It was a tiny little thing,
plump and short, colored gray, and very grumpy and pretty lazy. When
we would come to hedges or shrubs to get over or around, the little
gray horse would stop for a snack.

“Tongue of
Saiping!” Omi eventually called, activating the Shen Gong Wu
that allowed its user to talk to animals. Those were the last words
for several minutes that came out of Omi’s mouth that happened to be
in any humanly understandable language. From what I could tell, Omi
was having a huge argument with the horse, a monkey, some birds, and
a rabbit… and Omi was losing.

Soon enough, Master
Fung came and broke up the fight between Omi and the animals. He took
the Tongue of Saiping from Omi as he said, “Perhaps I should
hold onto this, Young Monk, until you learn to get along with the
animals quietly.”

That was when Dojo
appeared, slithering into view like a snake who spoke English. “Drop
what you’re doing, boys and girls, we’ve got ourselves a magnitude
8.0 Shen Gong Wu alert.”

“The Fountain of
Wui has just revealed itself,” Master Fung told us, pulling out
the Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu, and reading. “When activated, it
provides unlimited knowledge. By itself, it can only provide random
information, but when combined with its sister Wu, the Eagle Scope,
the two can be used to unlock the greatest secrets of the universe.”

“You mean like why
baboons have such colorful bottoms?”

“Yes,” Master
Fung answered, “and even greater secrets.”

Dojo supersized. “All
aboard,” he called. “That is, if you don’t mind riding a
‘very lazy animal.'”

I smiled at his
comment, and we flew off to where the Fountain of Wui hid. It wasn’t
long before we arrived in a junkyard.

We were all alone, and
Omi remarked, “It appears Jack Spicer has chosen not to show up
at a battle he will most certainly lose.”

“Wrong again!”
Jack countered, emerging from a high-up car. “I show up at all
the battles that I’m certain to lose.”

“Do you even think
before you speak?” asked Wuya.

“Where are all
your robots?” Kimiko taunted. “Did they finally ditch you?”

“Look again and
weep, baby,” Jack snapped. “They have you surrounded!”
Bits and pieces of the junk around us literally sprung to life; Jack
had built JunkBots.

“I think we should
be having a garage sale instead of a fight!” Clay joked. Just
then, the JunkBots began to attach themselves to one another. “What
in tarnation?” They had come together to form one giant robot.

We stared at it in
apprehension as the giant JunkBot advanced on us. Just when we were
about to make our first attack, the robot stopped dead, its extension
cord having reached its limit. The cord snapped apart at its plug,
and down tumbled the no longer menacing piece of junk. The crash it
made when it fell to the ground caused some of the junk around us to
shift, and a TV toppled to the ground, revealing the Fountain of Wui,
which Omi quickly gathered.

That night, back at the
Temple, an alarm started to sound loudly, causing my friends and me
to run out of the Temple to see what the heck was going on.

“Look!” Omi
exclaimed, pointing toward the Temple gate. “Jack Spicer!”

He was kind of right;
there was a large wooden statue of Jack holding a fruit basket
sitting in the Temple’s main gateway. The inscription on the statue
read, “Will you be my friend?”

“Does he really
think we’d fall for the old Trojan horse routine?” Kimiko asked
mockingly, and we commenced in smashing the statue to bits, only to
discover that there was in fact nothing hidden inside.

“I smell something
shark-y about this!” Omi said.

“Try fishy,”
Rai corrected. “But I agree.”

“Perhaps we should
station a guard to watch over the vault!” Omi suggested as we
all ran to the Shen Gong Wu’s vault to protect it. For the rest of
the night, all seemed normal except for the occasional sensation of
being watched.

The next morning,
however, we discovered the disappearance of the Tongue of Saiping.

“This, my friends,
was an inside job,” Dojo said, inspecting the empty drawer where
the Tongue of Saiping usually rested.

“I don’t get it,”
Kimiko said. “Who would go through so much trouble just to steal
the Tongue of Saiping?”

Master Fung was the one
to answer her question. “Someone with a plan far more evil than
anything Jack could create, and the patience to unleash it when the
time was right; when monkey power is most powerful.”

“Chase Young,”
I said, uttering aloud what the rest of my group was thinking. “So
then Chase and Jack are working together? I mean, Chase wouldn’t
build a giant statue of Jack just to sneak in and steal the Wu. He’d
just come and take it if he wanted it.” Then I realized I might
sound a little praising of Chase. “Don’t you- don’t you think?”
I suggested hopefully.

Suddenly there came a
primal shriek from outside, and we all ran to investigate, finding
Jack Spicer, half turned into a monkey by means of a Shen Gong Wu
which I would come to know as the Monkey Staff, hanging from a tree.

“Well, if it isn’t
our favorite primate?” Rai sneered.

“Not only does he
look like a monkey,” Omi said, covering his nose with his
golden-skinned hand, “he smells like one, too.”

“Considering it’s
Jack Spicer, anything is an improvement,” Kimiko said

“For him or us?”
I asked, seeing the omen that our situation presented.

“I’m here to take
over!” Jack announced

“Oh, yeah?”
Raimundo asked. “You and what army?”

“I was hoping
you’d ask me that,” Jack squealed in a kind of joy. He snapped
his fingers, and a few dozen green-furred monkeys jumped from the
tree. “Introducing: my army of monkeys!”

“No offense, but
they look like they’re diseased,” I said. “Oh, wait.
Offense meant.”

However, I couldn’t be
sure if Jack heard me or not, because his monkeys immediately jumped
into attack mode, coming at us like the beasts they were. Try as we
might to stop them, our routine, practiced methods of fighting proved
to be no match for the fighting skills taught to the monkeys by
merely living in their natural habitat.

“We are trained
Xiaolin Warriors!” Omi protested. “And they are mere jungle

“That’s just it,
Omi,” I answered as my friends and I retreated into the Temple.
“There’s no code of honor in the jungle; the monkeys fight rough
and they fight dirty. They’re not afraid to kill us.”

A little while later,
while we hid inside the Temple, watching Jack through the windows,
Rai suggested, “Maybe the Fountain of Wui could show us what to

“You heard Master
Fung,” Clay said, reminding me that our master had in fact
disappeared, “without the sister Wu, it’s useless.”

“Right now, we are
useless!” Omi snapped in aggravation. “We must try
something!” He dashed into the next room, retrieved the
Fountain, came back, and called, “Fountain of Wui!” All
seemed to be going well until Omi’s head literally began to swell
from the mass of knowledge he was gaining. Omi quickly ran out of the
range of the Fountain, but not before gaining apparent damage to his
brain. (If you wanted to call spitting out random information at high
speeds damage; I do.)

Omi was still spouting
pointless nothings the next morning.

“Do you feel any
better, Omi?” Kimiko asked sympathetically.

“I still have a
splitting sensation between my ears,” Omi groaned.

During their
conversation, Clay, Rai, and I were watching the monkeys scrap
outside. “Maybe we can use some of our Shen Gong Wu to get past
the monkeys?” Rai suggested. Apparently, he’d been in a
suggestive mood lately, offering up new ideas at every opportune
moment. It was too bad that most of the ideas weren’t very helpful.
Still, at least something was thinking.

“Our best Wu is
all corralled up in the vault,” Clay reminded him. “We’ll
never get to ’em!”

Kimiko said, joining us at the window. “It looks like Jack’s
lost all interest in Shen Gong Wu.”

“Do you think he
even remembers he’s human?” Rai asked.

“I know I don’t,”
Kimiko and I said at the same time, and we shared a ‘best friends’

There came a scream
from the other side of the room. “Ahh!” Dojo yelled,
thrashing around in his bed. “I’ve got a monkey on my back.”

“Chill, green
dude!” Rai comforted him. “It’s just a bad dream!”

“No,” Dojo
denied. “A new Shen Gong Wu is about to reveal itself.”
Dojo gulped. “Along with my lunch.”

“Ew!” I
moaned. “Please try to hold it back. If you throw up, I will,
and I’d really rather not.”

“It’s the Eagle
Scope!” Dojo said, shooting me a look for my comment.

“Ooh! When
combined with it’s sister Wu, the Fountain of Wui, it can unlock any
secret! Including how to rid the world of evil!” Omi realized.
“Now I understand. Jack is a mere puppy!”

“Puppet, I’m
guessing,” Rai told us.

“Chase Young is
the mastermind behind this!” Omi said, revealing what I’d
already stated days before then. “He must make certain that he
gets to the Eagle Scope first!”

“Way to use the
old melon, Omi!” Clay congratulated.

“How can we stop
him?” Kimiko asked dejectedly. “While monkey Jack is out
there, we’re going nowhere!”

“To defeat a
monkey, one must think like a monkey!” Omi said, and we all put
our heads together to form our plan.

We lured Jack to us by
strategically placing bananas in a quite obvious path leading to the
tiny bamboo forest in the corner of the Temple. There, Omi, who had
hidden the Changing Chopsticks in a banana peel, challenged Jack to a
Xiaolin Showdown- the battle of the monkey bars: the first to fall,

When the Showdown
commenced, I found my clothes magically changed, not into my Temple
uniform, as they usually did, but instead a kind of ninja-like suit.

“What’s up with
this?” I asked my friends.

“Sorry, we forgot
to tell you, Hathor,” Kimiko apologized. “We got new armor
while you were gone. We get to wear this during our Showdowns now!”

“Cool,” I
said. The suit wasn’t that great – the piece covering my mouth was
uncomfortable – but it was good enough. The suit was blue with a
large black bow in the back of the head, and there was a black
circular patch on the chest.

Meanwhile, Omi and Jack
were fighting, and, contrary to the usual, Jack actually looked like
he had a chance. However, monkey Jack still didn’t have much of a
brain. Omi laid another banana out, while Jack went to get it, Omi
bit him in the leg, and Jack fell into the bottomless pit below him;
Omi had won!

We were congratulating
Omi when he told us, “We have no time for your much deserved
praises! We must get to the Eagle Scope!”

My friends and I flew
and flew to get the Eagle Scope, only to discover it had already been
taken by Chase Young, no doubt.

“We’re too late!
We blew our chance to rid the world of evil!” Kimiko cried out.

“We may have lost
the battle,” Omi said wisely, “but I feel the war has only

I nodded in agreement
with him, and we headed home, wondering what life would throw at us

Hathor: Well, I know
what’s going to happen next!

Chase: Of course you
do, idiot, you’re the author. There’s no use bragging about knowing
when you’re the one deciding anyway!

Hathor: Well, look
who woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Anyway, thank you to my
newest reviewers:
Itachi’s Number 1 Lover and
NamineNasha! So, if you see any spelling
or grammar errors, please point them out.
criticism is appreciated (I hope there’s no need for me to say this,
but here it goes: Any flames will be used to roast you alive. No,
seriously.) and I would love to hear any ideas you have.

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